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If you are a hardcore windows user, then you probably know how much essential a download manager for you. Whenever you need to save something from the web to your computer download managers do a really great job, especially for large files. One of the best thing that download manager offer to the user is that if the download was interrupted for some reason, you can resume it from the point it was stopped at. So if you are planning to shift from PC to Mac, then you definitely need to know about Download manager alternative for Mac.

5 Internet Download Manager Alternative For Mac User

1. Jdownloader


JDownloader is an open source download manager for Mac users. It is written in Java, which can make it rather slow on startup. This manager is mainly optimized for one-click hosting and sharing solutions like Rapidshare or Megaupload. This app is great for someone who wants to paste encrypted links from third party websites.

The great thing about JDownloader is that you don’t have to deal with the annoying waiting times when you are a free member of such service as Rapidshare. Queue as many files as you want and get notifications about download progress via a status bar.

2. Folx Download Manager

Folx GO is easily in the top of Internet download managers thanks to how friendly it is and how many possibilities it offers. To make your downloading experience fast and effortless Folx GO can split downloads in threads, resume interrupted downloads, is very flexible in how you can add new tasks, and more. Each download can be assigned with a tag or multiple tags that characterize the content of this download so that if you are searching for it even months later and don’t remember the exact name of the file, you’ll still find it easily thanks to tags.

Folx GO is generally free, but if you want advanced features, there is a PRO version with lots to enjoy:

  • Smart Speed control allows automatic speed control according to your Internet usage and lets you schedule certain speed limits for specific dates and time.
  • Download Scheduler will make sure your downloads start and stop at the time that you want them to, not whenever your computer is on.
  • Splitting downloads in up to 20 threads can significantly increase the download speed.
  • iTunes integration allows downloaded music and videos to be automatically added to iTunes in corresponding playlists.
  • Saving login and password for the most used trackers and websites saves your time when you just need the download to start right away and not bother with typing the password in.

You can get PRO features via in-app purchase option in the Mac App Store.

3. iGetter


iGetter provides Mac users with high speed downloading by using segment downloaded for boosting up the speed. With the possibility to resume broken downloads, the unstable network connection is not a problem anymore. For this reason, iGetter is one of the best download manager alternative for mac.

4. Download Shuttle

Download Shuttle

Download Shuttle is a simple solution for managing multiple downloads and accelerating the transfer speed. It will split your downloads into multiple segments and download them all at once; can handle links with authentication; includes basic but effective link management options.

In the main window of the ap, you can see the list of your downloads, and the top toolbar has the buttons for basic functions, including the option to add or remove links.

Download Shuttle also offers an inspector window with the detailed info about the status of each segment and supports QuickLook (access data about the downloaded file).

5. Leech


Leech is a good option for those who want to manage downloads and maximize the speed. Its main focus is browsers integration. You have an option to set a username and password for corresponding servers. E.g. if you have a premium account on for high downloading speed, you can set up an automatic login to your account whenever Leech catches the link from No need to have any extensions for web browsers in order to use automatic download link catching. So Leech is also a good download manager alternative for Mac users.


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