Firefox Quantum

A website Laptop Mag has run tests on Google Chrome and Firefox Quantum to see which browser is faster.

The publication found that Firefox Quantum delivered on the “spirit of Mozilla’s promises”, with modest speed increases and noticeable memory savings when multiple tabs were open.

Firefox beat Chrome when it came to WebXPRT 2015 and JetStream 1.1 tests, while Chrome won in an Octane 2.0 benchmark.Chrome was also found to use marginally less memory than Firefox.It stated that whether users chose the latest version of Firefox or Chrome, they would get a fast and capable browser.

Memory Usage

Chrome used marginally less memory just running its main app (an average of 126.3MB versus 145.3MB for Firefox), and it averaged a lower amount of memory across all the background processes it started when it ran (1,362.4MB across 13 or 14 processes, as compared to Firefox’s 1,400.5MB across a consistent six).

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Source : LapTopMag.


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