Google Pixel Buds
Image: Justin Payne describes the new Google Pixel Buds, which work best with Google’s newest smartphone, the Pixel 2. CNET.

Competition between tech Giant Google & Apple effectively defines an era of technology. After Apple release Airpods, Google just dropped the Pixel Buds, which aren’t completely wireless but comes with some unique features.The most important thing you should know about Google Pixel Buds is that their full features only work with Google’s newest smartphone, the Pixel 2. Though they’ll function with other phones, you must have the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL to access the Pixel Buds’ marquee feature: real-time translation.

Though these two sets of earbuds are quite different. Comparing with Apple Airpods which are are fully wireless, meaning zero strings attached.

On the other hand google Pixel Buds connect with your phone wirelessly , a wire connects the buds. When You tap on your right earbud and ask Google Assistant to “help me speak” one of 40 languages. The phone will then open the Google Translate app. From there, the phone will translate what it hears into the language of your choice, and you’ll hear it in your ear.

Pixel Buds vs Apple Airpods
Image: macrumors

So, if you’re speaking to someone and they say “ तुम क्या कर रहे हो? ” you will then hear “What You are doing?” in your ear.

Availability, compatibility, and price

Pixel Buds are compatible with both Apple (iOS 10+) and Android (5.0+); predictably, on iOS, Google Assistant won’t work, though Siri will.

Both sets of earbuds are available at their respective websites and both cost $159.



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