Kaspersky introduce free VPN app for Android users


The Russian multi national cyber security provider  Kaspersky inaugurate a new VPN app for its Android user. The app Kaspersky Secure Connection, designed to protect user data by creating an encrypted and secure network connection between the user’s device and the server.

Kaspersky Secure Connection

The main feature of this app is it will automatically enable traffic encryption depending on the level of security of the Wi-Fi network. Traffic encryption is better known as Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN prevents interception and malicious use of information which is imparted via the Internet. It can help to secure account passwords, private data, sensitive photos etc.

Thus a VPN helps a user who often connects to unfamiliar Wi-Fi networks, which cyber criminals may utilize as a trap. According to the provider, the app will protect users’ privacy and personal information. Depending on the settings, the solution can encrypt all sent and received data continuously or only in situations when security is especially important. By default, the Kaspersky Secure Connection offers active protection when a user visits the Online store, Internet Banking or social networking sites. In this app, the user can also select sites and applications for which they want additional protection. The VPN app allows 200MB of free encrypted traffic per day.

The paid version of the solution offers unlimited traffic for five devices for one month or one year, depending on the subscription You have chosen. On Google Play Store, The app got mixed reviews from users.

You can download Kaspersky Secure Connection from this LINK


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