Long March 5 Chinese Heavy-lift Carrier Rocket Fails

Long March 5

The Long March 5 Y2 launch failed on Sunday evening due to malfunctioning during the flight. According to the official Xinhua News Agency, experts will investigate the cause of this failed launch. The Long March-5 Y2 was China’s second heavy-lift carrier rocket from the Wenchang Space Launch Center. The rocket took off at 1123:23 GMT (7:23:23 a.m. EDT; 7:23:23 p.m. Beijing time) Sunday from the Wenchang space center on Hainan Island.

Long March 5 a fail mission

But something went wrong soon after that after that moment, and China’s state-run media unexpectedly ended their live video coverage of the launch without explanation. An update posted on the website of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp that the launch was unsuccessful and investigators were looking into the cause of the failure.

A Long March 5 rocket next year is scheduled to deliver the core module of China’s future space station to orbit. China has also assigned the Long March 5 to send at least two more station segments into space to assemble the human-tended research complex in orbit (source). The rocket can lift twice the payload into space as any of China’s other rockets.

The performance of this rocket is comparable to United Launch Alliance’s Delta 4-Heavy rocket. Chinasat 9A is the country’s first satellite built for direct-to-home television broadcasting.

An onboard camera showed the second stage’s engines igniting, generating an orange glow against the black backdrop of space. The upper stage is powered by two YF-75D engines

The YF-75D engines were programmed to fire two times on Sunday’s launch, first to send the rocket and its payload — an experimental communications satellite — into a low-altitude parking orbit. A second burn was scheduled to conclude around 25 minutes after launch according to spaceflightnow.


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