Qualcomm has thrown a new complaint against Apple, request to Chinese court to stop the sale of iPhone in China. According to the source of Bloomberg. This is not the first time of Qualcomm to send a legal notice to Apple. This two companies legal fight starts from the US and now spread worldwide.

This time the chipset manufacture giant reportedly claims that Apple violence there three patents. Apple uses this patent without paying to Qualcomm. Those patents are said to cover power management and the iPhone’s force touch features.

On the other hand, Apple said these patents have been discussed and the semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company claims were meritless because Qualcomm had not brought those patent during a conversation and now Qualcomm issued them recently.

Apple said they believe in the value of innovation. Apple always pays reasonable rates for patents they are used. In many years of ongoing conversation between Apple and Qualcomm, those patents have never been discussed.

This is the second time that the semiconductor equipment bans the iPhone sales. This year in July Qualcomm is asking the US government to ban new iPhone. Qualcomm said that Apple is violating 6 patents that help to increase the iPhone battery. Qualcomm invention is the core of every iPhone. Don Rosenberg, Qualcomm’s general counsel, says in a statement – ” Apple continues to use Qualcomm’s technology while refusing to pay for it”. Qualcomm creates an infographic to explain what the 6 patent is used for.

In January Apple is suing the chipset manufacturer giant for $1 billion, saying that the the company has been always overcharged their basic patents.The filing was prompted by a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission, which claimed that Qualcomm was abusing its market position to get more money when selling its smartphone modems, Recently Qualcomm has been hit with a nearly $774 million fine by Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission.

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