Ryzen Threadripper the new 16-core, 32-thread monster

Ryzen Threadripper

Ryzen Threadripper, AMD‘s new addition to Ryzen family. According to Advanced Micro Device, the new CPU comes with 16 core, 32 thread which is unique in its kind. One of the hot rumor of this year is Intel is preparing to launch a Core i9 CPU at Computex. If the rumors are true, Intel’s top-end Core i9 will feature 12 cores and Hyper-Threading and will be paired with the new X299 chipset. The CPUs themselves would apparently be based on 6th- or
7th generation Cores.

The CPU wars Intel Core i9 vs Ryzen Threadripper

Intel dominate CPU market for many years. Now the CPU wars are on between AMD and Intel.  Though it is good news for PC enthusiasts.  AMD’s Jim Anderson said, “Ryzen Threadripper is targeted at the absolute ultra high-end of performance on the desktop.” It seems that  Intel’s rumored Core i9 expected to max out with 12 cores, the AMD 16 Core Threadripper will deal with it very well. It is expected that Threadripper will be the first choice for its more Core & thread. Of course, none of this is real until the chips are shipped and in the hands of independent reviewers.

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Client Compute Updates

AMD’s upcoming high-performance Ryzen processors are designed to bring innovation and back to the full spectrum of premium PC markets. These processors leverage AMD’s high-performance leverage the company’s high-performance x86 “Zen” core architecture to deliver advanced feature sets & high efficiency.  Jim Anderson, senior vice president, and general manager, AMD Compute, and Graphics business group said,

“Strong adoption of our AMD Ryzen processors shows customers are ready and excited for the innovative performance and features we deliver ─ and we’re just getting started, Our upcoming AMD Ryzen processor lineup builds on the foundation we have set to drive our further expansion into the high-performance desktop, premium consumer notebook, and commercial markets.”


Source: AMD Blog



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