Surface Phone Project: Everything You Need To Know

Surface Phone project

It is a rumor that the Surface Phone project is going to launch and we hope it’s true. Microsoft has not confirmed it yet but new specifications have emerged. The company is looking at building such a premium device behind closed doors.

According to a new patent discovered by MSPU and titled Wireless Communication Device, the device is described as a foldable smartphone with LTE support. Microsoft has also introduced specifics on this design, even offering dimensions on each part of the device. However, the chance to see this exact project going live is very little.

The Surface Phone project

However, it’s interesting to see how Microsoft look at the foldable phone approach.

microsoft store group employees


Even if Microsoft does not build a foldable phone, it is clear that the company was interested in some form of that smartphone at some point in time. However, if the Surface Phone does get the green light, we can expect it to hit the shelves no sooner than 2018.

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