WhatsApp recall feature

If you’ve ever sent a WhatsApp message you quickly regretted, you can now delete the note before your contact reads it. WhatsApp recall feature as the name explains is a feature that will enable the WhatsApp users to delete or recall or the sent messages. The Next Web reports that WhatsApp is rolling out a new delete feature to its Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps that allow you to delete messages sent to individuals as well as group texts. However, deleting a message won’t be as stealth as you might hope. In its place, your recipient will see a “This message was deleted” notice, so they’ll know you have something to hide.

So when will you get this feature?

WhatsApp has over one billion users so it is not possible to roll out a feature at once for all. This is a slow roll out. This is the reason why some of your friends may have received it while some may have not. If your phone is compatible with the feature then you will soon receive the update notification. You can also go to your WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Backup and perform it or try reinstalling the chat app. The feature will be available for both desktop and mobile platform.

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Messages can only be deleted within 7 minutes of sending them. Messages can also only be deleted when both the sender and the recipient have the latest version of the app, and WhatsApp warns there’s always a chance your recipient will see a message that was recalled.


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