WhatsApp is very popular social messaging app. Currently, it has over 1.2 billion users and probably (some people dislike WhatsApp) You are one of them. As a social messaging app, WhatsApp attracts more people for its simplicity and constantly adding new features.

But How many of You know about these features? So here in this article, I added the coolest features that you probably didn’t know they exist or you never use.

WhatsApp Secret Features

Emoji searching

If you ever get tired searching for a particular emoji, well you don’t need to. The latest version of the app now lets you use simple text-based searches to find that emoji you need. You don not need to enter a complete word, just a few character and a popup will appear.

WhatsApp emoji searching

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Super easy text formatting

The messaging app has tweaked how to send rich text including Bold, Italic fonts. Many users skip this feature so It’s a cool addition. First, select the text you want to embolden, italicize or strikethrough, and then tap the overflow button in the toolbar.

Super easy text formatting

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Save your precious data

Mobile data are becoming costlier day by day. You can save your data used on the app.Go to Settings>Data usage>Media auto-download. From here, tap “When using mobile data” to check or uncheck the type of media files you’d wish to automatically download.

This way you can save your some good data and money in the long run.

Mark important messages

WhatsApp allows its users to mark important messages so that it’s easy when you want to revisit them. You have to long-press the message and tap the star icon that shows up at the top of the screen. To undo these process, repeat the same procedure.




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